Wedding Gift and Favor Ideas

My wife and I were recently married last year, and without a doubt, our wedding was one of the most important, memorable, and special periods of our lives. And yes…a wedding isn’t just one day, it’s a journey through time, like the longest and best chapter in your favorite book.

Part of the reason that I founded Outward Cartography is because I value memories and experiences like this so much, and nothing brings back wistful and beautiful memories quite like a proper and thoughtful memento to share with the ones that you love.

Whether it’s for a bachelor or bachelorette party, the groom or the bride, a wedding shower, or the newlyweds on their wedding day, we are here to help guide you on selecting the best and most unique gifts and party favors for these special occasions, personalized to your wishes.

*Note: While we suggest maps in our designs below because of their inherent uniqueness, we are open to any and all requests in terms of customizing your gift. Just drop us an e-mail!

Newlywed Gift Ideas

  1. In first place for the most unique and thoughtful newlywed gift is customized glassware etched 360 degrees with a map of where the wedding took place, a heart marker for the exact location, and text of your choice. This creative gesture is guaranteed to remind the happy couple of their special day, not to mention a “Cheers!” from them to you every time they take a drink!Two customized pint glasses etched 360 degrees with detailed maps of any location for newlywed gifts
  1. A set of four marble coasters, each printed with one piece of the map of where the newlyweds were married will be welcome additions to their home, guaranteed to induce nostalgia whenever used. These are also unique in that they form a 4-piece puzzle of the map when laid out in a square, making this an uncommonly interactive and eye-catching gift that all can enjoy.

A set of four customized marble coasters printed with detailed maps of any location for newlywed gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

  1. Nothing speaks “Groomsmen” as much as the classic flask. But this is no ordinary flask…THIS is a flask with a detailed map of where you grew up, went to college, or went to your first concert etched into the very fabric of its being. Stylish, functional, yet deeply thoughtful, this is bound to show your crew your appreciation for their fellowship over so many years. Please e-mail me directly to order this product.A custom flask etched with a detail maps of any location for groomsmen gifts
  1. In a similar category as our legendary flask, a bottle opener is yet another classic gift for your Groomsmen. However, you guessed it...this is not a typical bottle opener. An Outward Cartography Custom Map Bottle Opener is a bottle opener capable of opening as many fond memories as it does encapsulated beverages. Quite the powerful device.A customized bottle opener etched with a detailed map of any location for groomsmen gifts
  1. Last but certainly not least, we offer etched pint or rocks glasses, capable of being etched with simple, yet compelling text of your choice, and/or a 360-degree map of where you made that blood pact 15 years ago to never let anything get in the way of your friendship. Add each groomsman’s name to their glass for extra personalization.A customized rocks glass etched 360 degrees with detailed maps of any location for groomsmen gifts
Bridesmaid Gifts

There is nothing that symbolizes a strong group of ladies more so than compelling, sophisticated, and customized wine glasses, etched to perfection with a map of where you and your best friends first met and text of your choice. Enjoy the fruits of your long-lasting friendship with these everlasting memories as you celebrate one of the most important times of your life!A customized wine glass etched 360 degrees with detailed maps of any location for bridesmaid gifts

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

A bachelor or bachelorette party is one of the best parties you’ll ever experience, so why not celebrate in fashion with custom tumblers etched 360 degrees with a map of where the party is taking place, a marker on where you’re staying, and text of your choice. You can reminisce about the streets, mountains, or beaches that you explored, while simultaneously remembering all the ridiculous times that your group had during the trip. Maybe even put a marker on where Jessica threw up.Customized tumblers etched 360 degrees with detailed maps of any location for a bachelor or bachelorette party

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a way to share memories of your special day with everyone that you love (at least those that are cool enough to show up), and there’s no better way to do that than to remind your attendees where they were when they celebrated your wedding. Pint glasses etched with a map, a marker, and/or text of your choice are a classy path to this goal, and with our bulk discounts, these wedding favors will be a definite hit for your guests. Please e-mail me directly to order this product.Bulk glassware etched with text for wedding favors

*Wholesale pricing is available for qualifying orders. If you are ordering more than 12 of a single product/image and would like to inquire about bulk pricing, please  send an e-mail to for more information.





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